Out and about

Daargan misses the excitement

(Written a few weeks after the sentence of the cultists)

It has been a long time since I last wrote. After the Cult of Gyronna and subsequent fallout, I had been thinking long and hard about the barony, the role of government, and my place in it. I have been trying to formulate some regulations over the use of magic in the barony, and had asked Neddar, Kaydee and Gideon for their thoughts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they differed from my own; I needed some time to think undisturbed, so took a sojourn for a few days in the wilds of the barony.

The timing—in terms of leading to my inner peace—was quite fortunate, as while I was away, an owlbear rampage caused a little excitement for the rest of the Council. Thankfully, recovery seems to have been rapid.

And after that, well, I have spent a few weeks largely in quiet solitude. The Council have agreed to fund the construction of a tower for research and the creation of items—I must ask Erevel whether he can help with that—and once that is done, I feel my role as Magister can proceed to the next level. I hope it will be finished before winter sets in in earnest.


kitsuki Andyr

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