Night at the Wench, Round 1

The drinks hit the table almost as soon as Ulgar had taken his regular seat at one of the tables, front and center of the bar, near the door. He liked to be waist-deep in the politics of a bar. Here, everyone shared thoughts, both good and bad, money exchanged hands, and there was a hierarchy to be followed. Every bar is like its own brotherhood of men and women, all gathering to shed the burdens of their days and drink for the good of next day’s dawn.

The Chocolate Wench was, if anything, even more so inclined to this sort of atmosphere- which is why when Ulgar leans over to a gentleman one seat over and strikes up a grousing conversation, he is not met with a strange look and a turned back, but rather a new table companion for the next few hours. On this evening, that gentleman is Kesten.

“Y’know, back in Janderhoff at least the laws were already /made./ Having everything be a massive, festering work in progress is causing all sorts of trouble. And it doesn’t help that a quarter of the previous government was braindead and went tromping off into the wilderness to fight trolls- on their native ground, in a cave, with no outside support whatsoever. It’s as if they had no wet nurse to stop them from falling on their heads straight out of the womb. I swear, I don’t understand you human civilizations. Though I guess it didn’t help that the former Baron- blessings be on his shorn chin- was, of all things, a Gnome. Who’s bright idea was that? Couldn’t lead anywhere good, and indeed it didn’t.”

Ulgar’s rambling speech is peppered with swigs of ale, grunts of derision, and gruff, staccato laughter. Kesten sits listening, looking somewhat bored, but smirking awkwardly at several of the Dwarf’s comments.

“And now, Gods help us all, the Ecclesiastic Council has decided to let anyone join their ranks, so long as everyone agrees to it, and they’ve done away with Katya’s list of- y’know.” He says suddenly, giving Kesten a raised eyebrow, “I’d sound a lot better if you’d sodding-well drink more booze.” This actually gets Kesten to laugh and give a quick nod. Ulgar stands and orders more drinks, and the night of grousing continues.


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