Moon Behind Mist

Leilania Visits Candlemere

I had to wait for the moon to rise tonight, she seemed hesitant to show her face through the mists of Candlemere lake. When she did come her face was amber, a color unnatural, the color of warning. I will heed her warning and stay vigilant as long as I am here.

I have come to Candlemere to consult with its master, a man named Kifu Nex. Kifu has taken the role Daargan once had in Ursundova’s power structure, and as such as inherited the former sorcerer’s mistakes. Much to my dismay, Etana’s body still rests beneath Candlemere tower. Kifu says that there is some hex on it that has prevented it from degrading naturally. He has asked me here to study for some way to unravel the curse and set Etana free. Of course I agreed to help, even though it meant that I would have to join him on Candlemere.

I knew before I ever stepped on Candlemere that it was a place of great and ancient evil. Before I even heard the stories of its exploration and settlement, the moon told me of the eldritch powers that haunted the tower, warning me desperately to stay away. Now I have come, but not to stay. As soon as I can I will return to Tatzlford and my people. This terrible rock is no place for a druid.

I wonder then why so many wizards and sorcerers have gathered here. Surely they must sense the evil as I have, if not clearly, then at least as a presence lurking in the shadows. I would warn them, but surely they know what they risk by staying here. They know that the great old ones care nothing for our mortal struggles, and should they rise again the best we might hope for is a quick death. No sane person would linger here longer than they had to. I pray then that their desire to stay is borne out of simple ignorance and not a lust for power.

The room they have given me is high in the tower and has a small window through which I might watch the spinning of the night sky. Since I will not sleep this night, I will instead commune with the moon on through morning. With luck and patience, she will give me the strength I need to pass through this trial.

The moon rises slowly and I feel chills on my skin. Whatever the gods made this place for, it is not over.


kitsuki Myobia

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