Lem vs. Introspection - Round 6

Lem Drones On and On About Politics

So after careful consideration, we’ve come to an important conclusion regarding the political future of fair Ursandova. We’ve decided that our form of government will be (drum roll please)…


That’s right, dictatorship came from behind and knocked both democracy and meritocracy right out of contention. Thanks everyone for playing, long live the guy-in-charge-who-we-still-don’t-have-an-official-name-for.

Obviously I’m not thrilled about this, but if there’s blame to attribute, it probably goes to me. Somehow I ended up as the sole voice for democracy, and my admittedly limited debating skills failed to sway anyone to my side. I ultimately gave in on almost every one of my arguments (probably to Ursandova’s short-term benefit), with only a small victory for the organization of the Way Watchers preventing a total rout. I’ve even agreed to be called ‘Lord Marshall.’ Fantastic. Now I’m probably going to have to get a top hat and monocle.

Let me not confuse the issue: I trust Sasha’s motivation, and I appreciate that he’s shouldered both the burden and the responsibility with leading our little principality. Of our burgeoning population, he’s probably best suited to the position we’ve carved out for him in the government. Let me revise that: he’s probably the only person in all of Golarion who could do it. And that’s sort of my problem.

Sasha’s argument goes something like this: Only a King central executive can make moral and rational decisions to guide the Kingdom Republic. Sasha argues that this executive, as directed and limited by the law of the land (which we’re drafting right now), will be above the competing interests that might otherwise lead us astray. He thinks that if the people were given power to govern themselves (as I suggested), that they would inevitably end up corrupted by their regional self-interests and subsequently tear the Kingdom Republic apart. In short, he agrees that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely…but nearly absolute power, that should be fine.

You know what? Sasha’s right, as long as Sasha is the one in charge. If there’s someone who’s incorruptible among us, it’s the guy who decided on Founder’s Day to go ahead and admit that he sorta kinda was a completely different person than he claimed to be. I’m not sure anyone else would have thought that was a great idea, but for Sasha, it was a pretty striking way to show his dedication to the Kingdom Republic. He’s decided to go all in. No secrets for him, nothing to hold over his head. Sasha is totally dedicated.

The problem is that Sasha will not live forever (especially the way he charges at his enemies). Right now we haven’t set up a succession, but I imagine that if something were to happen to Sasha, that Dyimi would have to step up and take over for him. Dyimi doesn’t seem thrilled about that, but he would do it. Katya theoretically could let him off the hook, but she seems to want the position even less. Katya solves one problem, one person at a time. She’s not her brother. Only Sasha can live up to Sasha’s expectations (and I get the feeling that sometimes even he misses the bar).

So when Sasha passes (after a very long and successful life), who do we give the Throne Executive Seat to? His kid? Sure, hereditary monarchies never go bad. Sasha said that the privy council could elect a new leader. So let’s see, the guys appointed by the previous leader will be responsible for appointing the next leader? Yeah, no chance for corruption or backstabbing there. And what if someone without Sasha’s incorruptible soul manages to worm their way into the big seat? Well, I guess that’s when the Way Watchers will go revolutionary.

I’m sorry journal, I’m probably bringing you down with all this dreary political talk. Sorry, sorry, I’ll digress. What else is going on?

I’ve got a new friend. His name is Shay. He’s very handsome, but his table manners are deplorable. He’s also only about a foot and a half tall. Shay is my bird—a falcon actually—and we’ve been figuring each other out so that we can hunt together. Turns out that Dyimi actually can speak bird, so we’ve been having some… interesting …second-hand conversations.

I’ve also been recruiting for the Way Watchers. Met a ranger named Velimir, seems a nice enough guy, but may secretly be a serial killer. Also have been talking to a druid named Nina. She seems totally annoyed by me—which is a good sign. If she keeps hating me maybe I’ll have to promote her to Lord Marshall.

Actually Journal, things are not so bad if I think about them. I’m depressed politically, but otherwise life is pretty good. I’m getting lots of time out in the country, I’m meeting new people and new drinks, and I’ve managed to lose far less at cards in the recent months than I probably deserved to. It looks like we’re going to be doing a lot more exploring in the coming weeks, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The more I’m out, the more I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing—and the happier I am.

So Journal, I’ll leave you with that. Maybe things will work out despite all of my misgivings. If next time I write you it’s from the dungeon beneath Castle Tuskendale, then you’ll know they didn’t.


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