Lem vs. Introspection - Round 2

Things are looking up!

I have returned!

Yes, weeks wandering the wilds have not resulted in my untimely death. In fact, with the exception of a few pranks by some mischievous fey, my cohorts and I have been remarkably successful in our wild-taming-ways. Our last foray into the wilderness resulted in several dead frogs, avoided a field of snapping traps, and a cleansed temple of Erastil. Wait, what’s that? Killing frogs doesn’t seem to be the most notable of exploits? Let me clarify…they were big frogs. They had teeth. Their teeth were also big. Trust me.

My companions continue to impress me, both with magical and martial prowess, and with their ability to put up with me. We each have our role to play in the group:

  • Sasha – Points us in towards the badness and tells us what to do about it. You would not think it, but a loud voice and a decent sense of direction is a remarkable advantage in situations such as these. That, plus a keen sword, makes Sasha worth his weight in rations.
  • Dyimi – Runs forward, makes a lot of noise, and gets the attention of the bad guys. Sometimes I think he’s frustrated that he doesn’t hit harder or more often. I’d like to tell him that not getting hit is the secret…but I’ll wait until he’s in a better mood.
  • Katya – Smiles, glows, and generally makes the world a brighter place. Seems everyone loves Katya, and Katya loves everyone…except for me. My normal charms are wasted on her…but I’m working on an alternatives. Perhaps she needs to see more of my domestic side—I’ve never seen a girl swoon so over the willingness to do chores.
  • ME! – I kill the monsters, watch the other’s backs, and generally save the day. Yes, my role in the group is to do all the hard stuff and take all the risks while remaining humble about it. Of course, humility comes easy to someone as skilled as I.

My father will be happy to know that his handiwork is holding up well in the field. Old Springsnap requires daily oil and maintenance, but she hasn’t failed me yet. I actually put her to the test against one of the fort’s guards, and handily defeated him in a contest of speed and accuracy. Mechanical advantage is a beautiful thing.

So where do we go next? Well, apparently our task over the coming weeks will consist mostly of wandering aimlessly, taking notes, and feeling self-important. It’s fortunate then that I am so good at all of these tasks. I could win medals in self-important, wandering note-taking…not that my humility would allow me to brag about it.

Chin up, eyes forward, things are going well. You and me journal…if this keeps up, we might actually get along!


kitsuki kitsuki

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