Lem vs. Introspection - Round 18

Lem Kissed Her


She kissed me!

Wait, back up. Let’s get the phrasing right.

I kissed her!

No Journal, for real this time. I’m mean, we’ve pecked at each other before, but this was a real, on-the-lips, full frontal kiss. And she was pretty into it too! Well, I mean, she seemed into it. It’s not like I got a sworn affidavit or anything. But I think she’ll remember it, at least until I get back.

BTW, I’m talking about The Nina.

So yeah, love life = progressing. Social life = not bad. Professional life = developing? I have taken on a new duty for the Kingdom as an interface between the Way Watchers and Akiros’s watch. I sort of bullied myself into the job, but I don’t feel bad about it. I finally have an excuse to get out and go talk to people…I mean, a reason apart from the wooing of Ms. The Nina.

I’ve got to admit, my feelings were a little hurt when I told the others about my new job. Gideon seemed surprised, Daargan seemed a little confused, and Leilania, well, she seemed upset. Not just a little upset either, she was full-on perturbed. Lani seemed ready to file an official protest with someone, and this is not a girl that does official protests! Once I explained what I’d be doing for her she seemed to calm down a little, but not enough to say it was a good idea. Apparently she thinks I’m an imbecile. Great, that’s a nice kick in the old self-confidence.

Of course, I did get to make out with Nina, and she’s WAY more particular than miss love and peace. I mean, I just don’t know what to make of Lani sometimes…I’ve never met an elf that was so… uninhibited. And the rumors I’ve heard out of the Wench are ridiculous, just scandalous. And yet somehow she finds a way not to trust me? Crazy.

I guess there’s something else I should write in here, just in case I get crushed to death by a giant lobster man or something (I really hope that doesn’t end up being foreshadowing). Anyway, at present I’m heading East into Varnhold with Gideon, Daargan, and Leilania. With luck we’ll be in the village by tomorrow night. Apparently a great evil is conspiring against Varnhold and her people. We’re off to be heroes again I guess.

The good news is, the time on the road has given me ample opportunity to compose sonnets for Nina. The bad new is that they’re all terrible. Actually, a few are decent, but pretty predictably they all devolve into trench humor by the end. Nina’s never responded too well to trench humor. Oh well, at least I’ve got plenty of time to work out rhymes with ‘ass’ before I get back.

Class? Crass? Sass? Crevasse?


kitsuki Rawht

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