Lem vs. Introspection - Round 16

Ursandova Gains Momentum


It’s been a little while. How have you been? Musty? Yes, I can see that. Looks like something may have been nibbling you here on page 4. Sorry. Yes, I’ll see what I can do about finding you a safer place to sleep.

It’s Spring again in Ursandova. Things are, well, still really cold, and gray, and promise to stay that way for some time. On the plus side, it’s stopped snowing every day. Soon we might even see the sun again. Oh, to live to see such times.

It’s actually been two years since Sasha came up with the name Ursandova. The second annual Founder’s Day was a lot more low key than the first. We did have some speeches and some kind of dance, but for the most part it seemed like a formality rather than an event. Maybe that’s a good thing, because it seems like people are looking more forward rather than back. For the first time since our founding it seems like we’ve got some real momentum on our side. We’ll see how far it can take us.

The most recent ‘excitement’ in the Kingdom took the form of a giant Owlbear rampaging through Tuskendale. We got back just in time to miss its arrival, and tracked it back to its lair to finish it off. All told we were fairly lucky, casualties in Tuskendale were limited thanks to a coordinated defense led by Akiros, and property damage was limited to a few houses and a few claw swipes out of the western turret. Tatzlford’s residents caught the beast’s wrath worse than us, not that they seemed to mind. I’m pretty sure we still want to bring the Tatzlfordians into Ursandova in short order, but every once and a while I wonder about their sanity. Then I wonder about my own sanity and things quickly go downhill from there.

No, no, this isn’t the point in the journal where I’m going to start beating myself up. I’ve actually felt pretty useful over the last few months. I’ve been working with Akiros and Ulgar on training their recruits, and helping Lani out with the Way Watchers. Truth told, I’m not exactly happy with the way Lani’s taking the Watchers, but I understand where she’s coming from. I’m doing my best to bite my tongue and support the common cause.

And man have we got causes. With the new momentum in the Kingdom the baronial council meetings have been thick with plans and proposals for expanding the Kingdom and filling out the capital. Next month we break ground on a new temple on the South side of town, and after that it looks like we’ll finally get a proper tavern for Kaydee to set up shop in. My big objective has been to ensure the safety of the Fey lands, lest otherwise well-meaning Ursandovans attempt to push them out. The only other thing I’m lobbying for is to expand south past the Candlemere so that we can connect Brevoy with traders from the South. If Ursandova can become a safer way to bypass the River Kingdoms, we can’t help but profit from it.

On the fey front, Nina’s been accompanying me out into the forests on a regular basis, trips where I inevitably get horribly pranked for their amusement. I’m still working on a way of pranking the little buggers back, but it’s a little difficult when they don’t let you see them. For now it’s a one way street. That’s fine, I’m always glad to bring a little joy.

Nina and I are…progressing…slowly…I guess. I think she’s coming to realize just how little I know about wooing, which is beneficial to me in that it means I’m a little more comfortable messing things up for her all the time. I’ve gotten her to the point where she smiles instead of frowns when I say something dumb. The irony is that I’ve gotten so enamored with her smile that I’ve started saying dumb things on purpose just to lure it out. I sure hope this doesn’t boomerang back on me in some terrible way….

…no, no chance of that.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that I’m totally conflicted on. Marcy, shared fruit of my blood father’s seed, is now engaged to marry Gideon. Now I think Gideon’s a great guy, really, and he’s definitely given his all to Ursandova since he arrived. And maybe – maybe – Marcy is not entirely evil just because of the family name she carries around with her. So maybe their marriage will turn out for the best. But I’m so wary of it right now I might go to their wedding armed. If I’m invited. It’d probably be less awkward for both of them if I wasn’t around that day. Maybe I can arrange to be on walkabout…

No journal, I really do want to give Marcy a chance. I want to believe that she’s an okay girl. Every one speaks glowingly of her, I think I’m the sole holdout against her in the whole of the Kingdom. Maybe it’s time to let bygones be bygones…

…but I swear to the gods that if her father shows up to the wedding I’m going to have to put a crossbow bolt in him.

Ugh. Wait, let me take that back. Cayden might forgive me for swearing a false oath, but I’m talking more to Iomedae these days, and it seems she might be a little more upset. I swear instead that I’m not going to kill anyone on Gideon’s wedding day (if I have a choice).

But it is time I talk to Marcy about Father. It’s time to find out where her loyalties really lie.

Okay journal, I’m off to find some kind of airtight chest to store you in. Be good while I’m gone. I’ll write more later.


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