Leilania's Journal #6

Quarter Moon Over Mountains

As I walk East, into a mystery, a quarter moon watches me from behind tips of jagged mountain peaks. I feel a warning in her gaze, an uneasiness that tingles beneath my skin. No one has heard from Varnhold in weeks. We fear something terrible has happened.

It’s been a strange time. Months of tranquility have been interrupted by sudden conflict and mystery. Perhaps my contentment in Tatzlford has lowered my guard. Maybe I haven’t been watching attentively enough to the warnings in the moon’s light.

First came a dispute between Tiressia and Daargan. It seems that Daargan learned of a fallen unicorn that lay hidden in the fey’s forest West of Tatzlford. He went by night to recover the unicorn’s body in secret, and took it back to his tower for study and safekeeping. He says that Tharkun told him of an ominous prophecy that might have involved the beast, something that we should have all been aware of. I can’t say how it has escaped mention until now.

Tiressia was not happy that the unicorn was disturbed, a fact relayed to me by Nina in no uncertain terms. Nina and I have become better friends over the last few months, though I admit she still remains distant in some respects. She laid it on me to bring the matter before the council, which I did to the best of my ability. I was sure that it was a simple misunderstanding. Apparently this was not the case.

The matter has been resolved now, but feelings are still tender. I fear that without some soothing act, the fey may find greater mistrust of us in the days to come, perhaps enough to cause them to renounce their alliance with Ursundova. To be honest, I share some of their misgivings. Sometimes I think this Kingdom is growing too fast for its young leaders to control.

But this crisis pales in comparison to the worries on Ursundova’s Western border. Apparently the city of Varnhold has disappeared, presumably under the shadow of the beautiful evil spoken of in Tharkun’s prophecy. One of Gideon’s spells allowed us to converse with the brother of one of those disappeared, through which we learned that he had already passed into the next world, presumably as a result of violence. We know not who did these things, only that we must act quickly to see that the same fate does not befall Ursundova.

The party we assembled to investigate is limited to myself, Orion, Gideon, Daargan, and Lem. It seems a small force to confront a great evil, but perhaps it is best to limit the people’s exposure until we know what it is that we’re facing. I would not risk others unaware.

Over the last few days my mind has wandered through all kinds of evils that may be waiting for us on the other side of the mountains. The moon now speaks in strange tongues. I understand less than I should. I know I must be ready for anything.

I thank the moon for her light and her warning. Whatever this evil is, I will be ready.


kitsuki Myobia

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