Leilania's Journal #4

Quarter Moon in Clouds

The nights are long in Ursandova, even more so in winter. The sky gets dark early and the stars hide behind the clouds. Last night I searched for a quarter moon as it peeked between snow clouds. Her face was melancholy in the darkness. I thanked her for her sympathy.

Two days ago a giant owlbear fell upon Tuskendale . The beast had become cursed with rage, and when it reached the city it destroyed several homes before being driven off. I tracked the owlbear back to its cave, wherein my companions and I did battle with it. The poor thing was still under the curse when we found it, and I considered it a mercy to end its life. It seems now that someone had tried to use magic to turn the beast into a weapon. It shows again foolishness of man that they would try to bend even the most feral and dangerous of the wild to their will.

The true tragedy of the day lay in the chamber beyond, where I found an Owlbear hatchling lost without her mother. It was clear that the chick had suffered from her mother’s madness, when I came upon it the chick’s body was weak and its eyes sunken. I gave it some meat from my pack and said soothing words to it to try and give it a moment of peace. Nibbs then helped me deliver a final blow to send the chick off to be with its mother.

Later, when the time was right, I wept for the owlbear and her chick. I mourned that their fates had to be thus. I can’t help but believe that if this world was as it was meant to be—in balance with itself—that there be a place in the circle for creatures such as this. For now it is an idle dream, and one that brings me great sadness. That does not mean I turn from it.

I continue to work with the council to set aside the Northern Narlmarches as protected lands for the Fey. So preserved, these forests will hopefully remain as they are now—a place of natural wonder and beauty. I am hopeful that I can convince other members of the council that it is the right thing to do. There are many with good hearts here. I find I trust them more and more.

The moon’s changing face tells me that Spring will be here soon. When it arrives, I will burn incense and thank her for the new season. For now — patience. The world will wake when it’s meant to.


kitsuki kitsuki

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