Leilania's Journal #3

Half Moon at Midnight

Last night I broke from my trance in the middle of the night with a weight on my chest. I got up and walked to the clearing, and looking up I saw the half moon floating high above. I laid in the grass and watched her for some time…until I found the center to renew my meditation. When my trance ended the moon was gone and the morning birds were singing. I felt renewed.

We had spilled blood two nights before in the forest southeast of Tuskendale. There had been rumors of a green dragon in the woods, but this was no dragon. A green drake, a big one at that, came at us when provoked and tried to take us as its prey. The beast misjudged us though, and proved to be little match for our magics. The drake fell amidst us after but seconds of battle.

The southern border of Ursandova is still a wild place, full of beasts that defy civilization’s rules. In taming the land for settlement we force out the most dangerous of these beasts or strike them dead. It makes me sad to see wild creatures treated this way, but know that these humans have little choice. Ursandova’s caretakers cannot risk the lives of the innocent for the freedom of monsters.

Still, there are signs of tolerance that give me hope for coexistence. While we were out we met with a tribe of lizardfolk who seemed to have come to terms with existing side-by-side with human neighbors. There was also a strange woman who we met in the southern swamp, who we left undisturbed despite the fact that she was strange (which all too often is mistaken for dangerous). But most encouraging is perhaps the kingdom’s choice to leave the northern forests in the hands of the fey. “The Nina” took me to meet with two of their ambassadors, and I was thrilled to make their acquaintance. It’s been a while since I’ve had a queen sit in the palm of my hand.

And so, even as the moon warns me to see both sides of the situation, I remain hopeful. I see new things here every day, meet new people, and find new inspiration to fill my heart. Now, as I dream, the moon remains to show me where next to turn. I know there is more to come. I cannot wait.


kitsuki kitsuki

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