Katya's Letters Home #3

Katya Follows Erastil's Path

Dear Father,

How are you and Mother doing? Sasha and I are well, a little tired, but quite well. The last few weeks have been busy and at times frightening. But rest easy father, Sasha and I have things well under control.

Sasha has devised a plan to tame the land in stages, using well-planned ventures into the South to systematically explore and map the geography of the region. In our travels, we have discovered a new obstacle on the horizon—a fort that seems to be occupied by brigands that follow a strange religion. Sasha has a plan for them as well, but doesn’t think we have the necessary experience to meet them yet. He would prefer that our powers are honed further by battle before we face this foe.

Sasha continues to be an inspiration to me, as indeed he is an inspiration to the others in our party and the people we meet. When we returned to Oleg and Svetlana, we found that one of the criminals Sasha had granted mercy had returned to the fort. At first we were suspicious, but once we talked to him, it became clear that Sasha’s mercy had turned his heart from wickedness. What wondrous joy father, to know that people can change!

What else? We have encountered several strange creatures down here—frog-like people, giant trapdoor spiders, even some dragonkin. Fortunately, we have been able to avoid serious injury during our confrontations with these monsters, and those wounds we have suffered have been healed through Erastil’s power. I must say, it is gratifying to know that I can use my gifts to help people in just the way Erastil would wish. It is bliss being his instrument.

Three days ago I found a statue to Erastil southwest of the temple I mentioned in my last letter, and when I cleared the vines from the pedestal, I could sense our god’s presence in the stone. I could swear the statue moved, that he looked down on me with approving eyes. Now, as we trek on through the wilderness, it is as if I can feel Erastil walking beside me. Sasha frets and worries over challenges to come, but I know that wherever fate leads us to we will be ready. Erastil wants these lands to be more than they are now…he wants them to be tamed and remade. We can do it together.

There are unplesantries I could name, but I will spare you them, for all I can see is the promise of this land and the gifts it will bestow. It is a worthy thing we are doing here. Be proud of us.


kitsuki kitsuki

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