Garr's Accounts

From the eyes of the loyal companion

So, Dyimi’s the leader now. I don’t really see the big deal; he’s always been my leader, and under him has always been a good place to be. Nobody should be worrying about it, least of all Dyimi. He worries constantly. It’s not healthy. He worries while he’s eating; that’s just ridiculous. Of all things your meals should be the time where you let go. It’s just you and the meat. Who could care about anything else?

That’s off-track, though. I was describing Dyimi’s situation. Yes. I guess the Investiture is a good place to start.

There was a big to-do over the whole ceremony. Dyimi got to plan everything, something else that he worried about. He kept saying it felt “very odd to plot out your own ascension” to the seat of power. I did the best I could not to nip him every time he said it. He walked down the great hall of the Castle, where he was received by Katya. Some words were said, and he got a cool hat. Was that such a big deal? Nope. At least it’s over with. Dyimi might fret a little less when he’s alone. He does his best not to show it to his companions, but he doesn’t really do so well at that. I’m pretty sure they can all tell, and it’s getting in the way.

Everybody’s making a bigger deal out of this than it really needs to be. They’re all causing more trouble than the whole thing ever would have on its own. Sasha’s death was a big deal, and that’s the way it should be. Dyimi taking over for him while he’s off chasing butterflies in the sky shouldn’t cause as many ripples.

Straight afterwards, Dyimi arranged for a public debate with the loud fat one, another source of worry and teeth-gnashing. The challenge was accepted, and the fat one stepped up onto the stage with Dyimi. A duel of words commenced. The crowd, confused at first as they switched back and forth between them, soon realized that Dyimi was, of course, winning. I couldn’t follow everything, but I was confident from the start that Dyimi would come out of this unharmed. I didn’t need any convincing.

That evening I was treated to a fine meaty dinner during the Investiture banquet. Kaydee makes the best food ever. I even had my own seat next to Dyimi, with a little table for me to eat from. Not only could I eat the best food, I also got to stare at everyone else’s food, too. I wish Dyimi could see it my way. Just let it all go, have a little trust in yourself, end everything will work out. Any problem will go away, given time- and sometimes meat.


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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