Recorded in early Pharast 4724.

The moon’s pale face hangs directly overhead between the branches of reaching conifers. Her radiance, as soft and warm as ever, bathes me in renewing light. She sings to me, and I to her, our voices combining in a melody as old as time itself. Through it I can hear the songs of her other disciples all around the world, all singing in the same gentle harmony on this wondrous night. Through the magic of our entwined worship, we know that we are one.

Nibbs rests beside in the clearing, preening out his winter coat. I’ll gather his feathers when he’s done and bring them back to Tatzlford as gifts for our friends. Nibbs’s feathers make beautiful quills and fans, or just decorations to hang from the wall. In years past I would be buried in these feathers, with far more to give away than I had people who would be interested. Now I must ration them out to keep from leaving my friends wanting. Urusundova is no longer a country of refugees and dreamers. We are together a Nation.

Ursundova has grown like a weed over the last several years, and with it have come thousands of new people to share the realm. As Marshall, my greatest concern is the protection of the Greenbelt and the fey who predate our settlement. For the most part the newcomers observe the King’s warnings and avoid entering the fey lands without permission or escort. In those cases where they do not, the fey often find ways of their own to make the strangers leave. My Watchers and I do what we can to avoid conflict the two, but there’s always those who invite misfortune on themselves. In those cases, we become peacemakers.

I depend on my Way Watchers now more than ever. Despite rapid expansion of our corps, the spirit of our organization has remained solid. Despite they are from different backgrounds, peoples, races, and creeds, my Watchers have combined into a coherent and omnipresent force for good throughout the Kingdom. To a man and woman, they are dedicated first to the premise that the common good is their highest priority. This includes the good of sapient beings as surely as the beasts of nature. We seek the balance that serves all.

Through this balance we see what others cannot. I know there is something amiss in the wilds, something coming that the fey don’t like talking about. I know not what will come of it, but I am reminded that Narissa was not defeated in our taking of Briar. Her reach from the first world has not diminished. She intends to resurrect her world at the expense of our own. We must remain vigilant for her return.

I must admit that I’ve been distracted of late by Iliphar—my friend, my lover, my teller of stories. Iliphar is not like anyone I’ve ever met before. I never grow tired of his company, never wish I was somewhere else, never make an excuse to be by myself again. Honestly, when I’m with Iliphar I feel a little helpless, a little out of control. I know he could break my heart with a word…but I know he never would. Is this what love is supposed to feel like? If so, is it something I want? I know Iliphar and I are not meant to be together…but maybe we can find something else worth having. The question is what?

The moon doesn’t give me these answers tonight—that’s not her purpose. Tonight is about community and peace. It is about remembering who we are and why. The moon sings and we answer. There is no truer harmony.


kitsuki Myobia

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