Dyimi's Benediction

A Prayer for the New Baron

A country may be defined by its borders, law, and rulership, but it is the people and their beliefs that give it substance. As we transfer the title of baron to Dyimi Vlastokovich, the people of Ursandova ask that each of our gods grant a blessing to shepherd our nation forward.

From Abadar, we ask for the guidance to find justice through righteous law.

From Torag, we ask for hard stone, strong steel, and inspired craftsmanship.

From Gozreh, we ask for favorable winds, fair skies, and bountiful harvests.

From Nethys, we ask that the winds of magic continue to guide, nurture, and protect.

From Irori, we ask for the wisdom to know the past and apply its lessons to our future.

From Shelyn, we ask for the vision to appreciate the splendor and beauty around us.

From Desna, we ask for the divine inspiration to seek out our dreams.

From Sarenrae, we ask for the many blessings of the sun, and a light to guide our path.

From Pharasma, we ask for reassurance as we seek meaning in both life and death.

From Erastil, we ask for strong bonds of family, so that they might strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between us all.

And from Iomedae, we ask for the courage to always stand for our convictions…no matter what the cost…

I thank the divine for their many blessings, and pray that our nation—the Barony of Ursandova—may continue to be an instrument of their will.



kitsuki kitsuki

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