Chapter 5, In Which A King Is Unseated

Stuff to Remember: The Memoires of Dyimi Vlastokovich

Once upon a time, on a small, muddy island in the middle of a river, there lived a scaly king named Veskit. Veskit owned the island, and everybody on it. One day, Veskit went on a pilgrimage to a spooky island downstream with a big, dark tower.

There he went insane.

And thus he was suddenly our problem. Upon returning from his pilgrimage, Veskit began acting out of sorts, and within a month declared war on humankind- or, in this case, the closest semblance of humankind. So he turned his scaly head towards Ursundova. It was through a series of very fortunate circumstances that we discovered this and were able to quell it after some deliberation amongst ourselves. We made our way into Veskit’s village unharmed, thanks to Sketmit, one of Veskit’s braves who doubted his mental stability as much as we did. From there, we took down Veskit swiftly and without too much harm to the rest of the village- although upon assuming Veskit’s old position, Sketmit made it clear that Veskit’s loyalists were to be slain. Not wanting to start things off with Sketmit on the wrong foot, I did not oppose him on this decision. That may not have been my best choice, but if that argument had boiled down too far, it would have led to even more bloodshed. It will most likely come back to haunt me.

For now, though, we have larger issues to attend to. With Veskit out of the way and Ursundova no longer under direct threat, we ride to deal with the next problem on the list- trolls. I admit, we haven’t planned incredibly well for this, but we’ve done our best to suit up. After a bit of research, we know now that trolls are particularly susceptible to fire. Hopefully this will end as well as it ought to.

I sincerely doubt that any of us will die in this confrontation. As long as we keep our wits about us, we are sure to persevere.

I think.


kitsuki kitsuki

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