Chapter 4, In Which The Unbelievable Happens

Stuff to Remember: The Memoires of Dyimi Vlastokovich

I must say, I’m impressed. Visitation by the servants of the Gods? Yeah, that doesn’t happen every day (although I guess I can’t really speak for the rest of the continent). I set aside a small thanks to Erastil this evening for… well, for saving us.


                From a tactical standpoint, the situation was bad. The enemy (I’m told it’s called a Will-O-Wisp) had not only the capability of flight, but could also disappear from view with ease, and was incredibly quick. All of these factors meant that the blasted thing had some of us bleeding before we had even managed to land a blow; nearly killed poor Katya. Even from a non-military point of view, it must not have looked good (although it had the potential to be a neat light show. Add some coordinated motion and live music… )

                This was (of course) the point at which the battle turned in our favor, even though it was not immediately obvious what in the Nine Hells was going on. It started with the horse, casually strutting through the battle and kneeling at Katya (notice, I say at. Not near, or behind, or next to… at). Through a bit of reasoning, I figured that this must be Arangin, one of Erastil’s celestial servants. To top that off, Sasha himself came flying down (yep. Flying) to combat the little mote of light that was about to slay us all. He gave us all the order to retreat.

                There was some hesitation; after all, it was Sasha. A flying, glowing, fully-armored, and barely recognizable version of Sasha, but Sasha nonetheless. Lem didn’t want to listen (again), and wished to stay and fight. Katya, Variel, and I bid him good luck and began to ride off (mostly because the other two were on Arangin, who probably would not have stopped if asked). Presumably, our new flying friend took down the group of them, and then wooshed his way back to the heavens (because “wooshing” is the only way to do such a thing. Can’t be a flying ex-Baron descended from on high without a little “woosh” in your step).  Can’t be sure, though, and who’s to say?

                We managed to make it back to the shore of the Candlemere after an eventful night, and decided it would be best if we took the long way back to Tuskendale and accomplished a little bit more than simply taking a boat to a deserted magical tower and getting our behinds handed to us by a flying ball of light (that would not make a good epic, let me tell you). We traveled down the Murque river, where we encountered a tribe of lizard folk situated on a small isle. We made to entreat with them. Unfortunately, I still don’t know entirely what went on, as Variel is currently the only one among us who speaks any Draconic. Whatever the conversation was, it was brief (and not devoid of hungry looks from the lizardman, I might add), and we were well on our way again before long. Nothing to do for the moment but mark it on the map.

                We next came across a distressed group  of Ursundovan loggers who had stumbled into a Nixie’s grove. They had reportedly begun cutting down trees before she showed up and enchanted a few of the men for protection. We arrived on the scene shortly before violence occurred, and we managed to talk both parties into standing down. The loggers agreed to replant the valuable Coachwood trees that they had damaged and ship off elsewhere in the woods, where they were likely to run into less trouble (and I sincerely hope that I mean that last part). Meanwhile, we went to speak with Tiressia on Melianse’s behalf, in the hopes of perhaps aiding the growth of the new trees to some semblance of their former tallness.

                As we continued deeper into the Narlmarches, we encountered the Tower of the Dancing Lady (and the Dancing Lady herself, who had fantastic hips. It’s unfortunate that she used them to lure victims to her teeth), wherein Variel was nearly eaten by a vine, and we fought a quick little fellow by the name of Rig, who managed to escape. Also, Lem was nearly beheaded by a portcullis (much to Katya’s hidden amusement).

                So, yes! Eventful! Although if I must critique it, then the only thing I’d have to say is that it needs more mud-spitting trees. Come to think of it- so do most things.


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