Before We Begin

Some GM Thinky Thoughts

Welcome to the Adventure Log!

Here, as you well know, you post records of your adventures. You may also use this area to help everyone keep track of the information gleaned during sessions. To do this, make two separate adventure logs.

I know… extra work! But let me explain.

The first is for your character’s perspective. It will probably be longer but will certainly be missing details as you flesh out reactions to certain people and events. If you want to make a record of things discovered by the whole party that should probably not end up lost in your paper notes, make a second log. This need not be long; in fact, terse would be preferable, since it’s less work and clearer. Make a couple of notes – in paragraph or bullet format – about the important item(s). Once done, be sure to tag the entry to make it easy to find later. Your companions can then comment with additional thoughts or information. I may use these entries to edit wiki pages or NPCs when I feel it’s appropriate.

As usual, the first type of log (IC) will earn you xp (10% of the xp needed to reach the next level with a cap of 1500). The second will not, but it can help to serve as a sort of extra party brain, keeping information accessible to all. In addition, if only one character received information but would certainly share it at the first opportunity (and it’s not worthy of an in-character conversation), this is a good way to disseminate. Hopefully, that will cut down a bit on the “Wait, was I there for that? Did you ever tell me?” at the table.

For things that not everyone in the party knows, try the Player Secrets function! You can add just one party member or all but one, and that information will only be visible to the people designated (and the GM, of course).


I would like to recommend the tag “OOC” for party brain logs. If that’s too mundane, how about “Party Brain”?

Before We Begin

You guys work this out. It’s mostly for your convenience. Like RotR, there are things in the first adventure that could be important later, so it would be in everybody’s best interest (except mine – muahahahaha!) to recall as many people, events, etc. as possible. The alternative is to be sitting at the table going, “Waitaminnit… wasn’t he that guy with the thing… that we were supposed to… do something with?” In addition to sounding vaguely dirty, failure to recall important details could be disastrous.

Before We Begin
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