Anton's notes - Journey's End, or, A New Beginning?

19 Desnan, 4712

Through the guidance of Erastil, following some days of travel, I have reached Tuskendale. The path to the borders of Ursundova itself was not hard; after that, the scant although helpful common folk were able to set me on the path to the developing capital of this new nation.

To be here at such a time—for the opportunity to play a role in the growth of this new realm—is a wondrous thing indeed.

For these things, I am grateful.

The rumours were true, in that the leaders of this fledgling nation seem to be noble of spirit. I can tell that, although they are new to this endeavour together, their trials have bonded them; despite this, as with seeds sown in haste, weeds can spring to destroy the crop, if we are not vigilant. Father taught me that. Continuing that theme, they are all different seeds, and I hope that these differences will not lead to some saplings being strangled. They have welcomed me. The light of Erastil shines from the High Priestess of the land, so I feel I can count on at least one ally in her.

There will be time in the future to recount the events of the past days. Already, so much has happened that time does not permit me to write it all. While visiting a local hag named the Old Beldame, an agency unknown left a map on my person, which I feel it would behove us to investigate. But weighing heavily on my mind is that the lizardmen are preparing for war, as we have learned directly from one of the creatures. We have resolved to go and investigate—in that regard, it would seem like I arrived at an opportune moment.

Although it has been but a few short days, already I feel the new strength that comes from doing what one is supposed to be doing; I feel my soul growing closer to the divine mysteries of Erastil. I feel his hand in this. I know that I am doing the right thing.

And there is much more to be done.


kitsuki kitsuki

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