A Proclamation of the Ecclesiastical Council

Found posted on the proclamation post...and nailed to the door of Tuskendale Castle

WHEREAS The community of Ursundova is incredibly diverse, and that diversity is one of its greatest strengths, and 
WHEREAS The criminalization of ideas can only impede honest discussion and is a violation of the freedoms enshrined in our nation’s proposed constitution,
WHEREAS The  Truth shall triumph in any honest exchange,
THEREFORE, WE, THE ECCLESIASTICAL COUNCIL OF THE BARONY OF URSUNDOVA HEREBY RESOLVE THAT Any person, ordained by a church and recognized by the Ecclesiastical Council as representing a religion of Golarion shall have the right to petition the Council for membership.  Such membership shall only be granted with the consent of a majority of the council


Daargan walks past, reads the notice, and then strolls on, thoughtfully.

kitsuki Bookkeeper

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