A Few Flawless Victories

Stuff to Remember: The Memoires of Dyimi Vlastokovich

Chapter 2: A Few Flawless Victories

      Our progress these past few weeks has been spectacular, and not only that, but we've managed to rid the woods of several foul creatures and have collected their bounties post-haste (not an amount of money to scoff at, let me assure you). Sasha's system for procedural treks into the wilds has done us a world of good, and we've covered countless miles of ground thus far with a minimum of trouble; what trouble we have encountered has come to rest on our blades, although I don't count on that simplicity lasting forever (dramatic, no?). 

       Our first major encounter of the past several weeks was the Tatsel Wyrm den, on a ford in the river. They gave us some problems, and I'm certain it was a foe that none of us quite knew how to deal with. Dragonkin are an intimidating thing to face down.

      Next came a glorious head-to-head fight with Tuskgutter, the ferocious elder boar that had been terrorizing the local trappers. We lugged his head back to Fort Oleg and collected our head cheese (okay, so what actually came next was our dancing around a den of spiders).

      We shall see what comes next for us.


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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