The Kingdom of Ursundova

Statue erastil

In the heart of the wilderness, the nation grows. The capital of Tuskendale is now a bustling town, the hamlet of Taztlford begins to develop, and even the local lizardfolk tribe has sworn fealty. Much of the open land of the Greenbelt has given way to farms. Rivers have been bridged and roads built. Hands have been joined in marriage and children born of those unions. Erastil must surely be pleased with their progress.
But to the north, Rostland eyes them warily. Quarrels with Issia are certainly a priority, but Ursundova has been brazen enough to claim Oleg’s trading post as their own. And while the time since the death of the owlbear stretches into some measure of complacency for our heroes, they still remember that it has become obvious that someone seeks to sabotage them.
Their troubles are far from over.

(Obligatory-if-obvious warning: This campaign site will spoil portions of Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path for you. Do not proceed if you are planning on playing in it.)

(Banner picture is a manip of John Hodgson’s Lake Town.)

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