Townsfolk - Tuskendale

LG Large City

Modifiers: Corruption +4, Crime +2, Law +4, Lore +2, Productivity +6, Society +2
Qualities: Government Capitol, Religious Tolerance, Royal Accommodations, Tourist Attraction
Danger: +10
Population: 12,750
Base Value: 5,850gp
Purchase Limit: 55,000gp
Spellcasting: 5th

Special: Purchase prices for luxury and magic items are 10% more than normal.

  • Austeja Petrauskiene (f human) – one of Marcellina’s handmaidens, quiet and shy
  • Corvin Merryman (m human) – son of the blacksmith, has been talking up merchant guilds around town.
  • Dibr├ín Tol (m human) – Dawnfather of the Temple of Sarenrae in the Castle District, Vudrani by heritage, Absalomite by birth
  • Erevel (m half elf) – runs Variel’s former magic shop tent
  • Hewit Merryman (m human) – blacksmith
  • Kestutis Luksa (m half elf) – castle steward
  • Lenka Navratil (f human) – Marcellina’s handmaiden, armed and presumably dangerous
  • Marcellina Lebeda (f human) – Lem’s half-sister, whether he likes it or not; currently abroad with her husband’s remains
  • Nikodim Pajari (m human) – advisor from Restov
  • Petar Kochian (m human) – cleric of Abadar, head of the Tuskendale bank, Key Trust
  • Radana Lebeda (f human) – Marcellina’s cousin and handmaiden, victim of hay fever until recently
  • Severina Kazmarek (f elf) – bookish and somewhat reclusive cleric of Abadar
  • Torvil Vaylen (m human) – Andoran banker
  • Zefiryn Machalla (m human) – Varisian Innkeep

Townsfolk - Tuskendale

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