Townsfolk - Tatzlford

CG Large Town

Modifiers: Corruption +1, Crime +1, Law 0, Lore +2, Productivity +4, Society +3
Qualities: Counterculture Movement, Morally Permissive, Therapeutic
Danger: +5
Population: 4,750
Base Value: 2,000gp
Purchase Limit: 10,000gp
Spellcasting: Arcane 5th, Divine 4th

Special: Heal checks made within Tatzlford’s borders add the town’s Lore modifier.

  • Cara Terzin (f human) – Way Watcher from Mivon, more book learning than practical experience in the wild
  • Corax (m human) – logger who had a run-in with the Nixie Melianse
  • Loy & Letricia Rezbin (m,f human) – energetic Taztlford founders
  • Orion Genovelis (m human)- Way Watcher, local farmer’s son
  • Velimir Kostov (m human) – Way Watcher, quiet loner, lacking sense of humor

Townsfolk - Tatzlford

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