Kifu of Nex

"The Art of Magic is the art of the impossible made manifest"


Kifu’s appearance is one of layers. At first glance, he appears to be a well-dressed and urbane Garundi man, garbed in purple robes and carrying himself with an elegant grace. As one looks closer, his eldritch nature becomes obvious in the odd pouches at his belt, the small domino mask pendant hanging from his neck, and, most odd, the closed eye in the center of his forehead. Those who can get past these oddities, however, find a clever wit, well-versed in any number of subjects. While he speaks freely (and at some length) about a wide variety of topics, he is decidedly guarded about himself, the odd members of his household staff, or his plans.


Kifu and his household moved into a home in Candlemere in Neth, 4714, just as construction began on the Magical Academy. He presented himself to Magister Daargan Vul, but did not keep to the small arcane community, traveling often to Tuskendale once he heard of the Salons that took place among the courtiers there. Aside from his third eye, the mark of the Arclords of Nex, the wizard has also become something of a gossip item due to his many odd servants: a horribly-scarred elf, a strange metal serpent, a rather precocious cat, and a small animate doll of a blonde-haired princess.

It is known that he was once an instructor at the Arcanamirium in Absalom, which is likely where he heard of the Magister’s efforts to recruit arcanists for the nascent realm. It is also known that the Arclords of Nex are some of the most cutthroat mystical politicians in the Inner Sea. Since becoming Magister of Ursundova, Kifu has actively encouraged greater ties among the spellcasters of the nation and has joined Adeptus Konstantin Yermelov in propagating the worship of Nethys throughout Candlemere and the realm.

Kifu of Nex

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