Greenbelt Outlanders


Sootscale Kobolds

  • Chief Sootscale (m kobold) – proud leader of the tribe, likes “big lake fish”
  • Mikmek (m kobold) – warrior who was rescued from a mite lair by the original party
  • Nakpik (m kobold)- lower-ranking warrior who normally works as entry guard

Murque Lizardfolk

  • Sketmit (m lizardfolk) – king of the lizards
  • Latskix (f lizardfolk) – member of Sketmit’s harem


  • Bokken (m human) – hermit and potion-maker who lives near Fort Oleg deceased
  • Garuum (m boggard) – boggard who appears to live alone with his pet slurk to the north of Tatzlford
  • Old Beldame (f ?) – scary hermit that Tuskendale parents use to scare ill-behaved children

Greenbelt Outlanders

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