Eoghan Gleannfia

"The trick to poker is not winning until you're done playing."


“I am not a funny man…”

Eoghan was born in the utopian island nation of Hermea. He left rather precipitously when he was fifteen, and he has been leaving places rather precipitously ever since. At some point he wound up recruited into Kressle’s bandit camp.

Given his freedom after he was caught by the party, he returned to Oleg’s. In the interest of keeping on the good side of a certain noose-happy paladin, he disclosed a great deal of information about the Stag Lord’s fort.

Sasha convinced the man to come along for the attack on the fort, but – with Lem’s help – Eoghan managed not to be in any fight but the one against Nugrah the Decrepit.

The newly born nation of Ursundova appointed him the Master of Whispers. Since then, his survival instincts have made him the only original member of the Privy Council to still be A) alive and B) in his original office.

(Picture is by wycked on DeviantArt.)

Eoghan Gleannfia

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