Daargan Vul

Sorcerer from Cheliax, seeking his fortune in the new Barony


A confident young man, Daargan Vul has travelled to the Barony of Ursundova from the nation of Cheliax to seek his fortune.

His sorcerous talents and agile mind have led him to various short-lived careers, from merchant to sailor, mercenary to spy, varying with the situation he found himself in at the particular time. His detractors claim his powers to be the result of an infernal pact, and cite his origins in Cheliax, together with his pointed teeth, as evidence of this. Those less unfavourably-inclined towards him suggest that he cultivates this uncertainty to keep would-be business partners or foes (groups not necessarily mutually exclusive) off-balance. Daargan himself is, of course, silent on the matter. What is clear is that he is a powerful and versatile spellcaster.

Daargan’s home town was the harbour city of Kintargo in north-western Cheliax. He considers this fortunate, as when first developing his powers, this less-repressive part of the nation afforded him many opportunities which might have landed him in gaol (or worse) elsewhere. Now, a few years older and more used to coping with his magical abilities, he is of a more serious mind, and keen to make his mark.

After arriving in Tuskendale, he decided to focus his efforts on a return to the other career he has felt a passion for: travel and adventure. As well as joining the Waywatchers, he sought employment as a guard for travelling caravans and other such endeavours. He is a frequent guest in the Chocolate Wench, keeping abreast of rumours and developments, keeping a keen eye open for new opportunities.

Recently, he has been appointed Magister of Ursundova.

Daargan Vul

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