Inventing the Ursundovan Military - Letter #1

Dear Everyone,

I realize that the wait for this letter has been a long and tedious one. For that, I apologize. It took a lot of thought (and several pounds of paper) to detail this proposal, so I hope it is at least complete enough to stand as a framework on which we can build if the need arises. That being said, here goes something big.

The Ursundovan Army shall be broken down into organizational units for ease of management. The hierarchy will be as follows: Squadron, Company, Battalion, Regiment, and Brigade. Each of these units of organization will be comprised of five of the next lowest unit (i.e. A Regiment will consist of five Battalions, and so forth). A Squadron will hold four people headed by an Officer. The same template will apply up until Regiment size, where the commanding unit will be a Council, comprised of Officers from each of the five subsequent units. The composition of Squadrons will be wholly dependent on their purpose, and thus may not necessarily be a single unit type.

At least two years of military service will be mandatory for all Ursundovan adults, although exceptions can be made for those with disabilities or those who can prove that they have some other major hindrance that prevents them from putting in their time. Most Ursundovan citizens will at least have basic weapon training, and will be able to defend themselves in cases of dire emergency.


The Ursundovan Army will, for the most part, not be a standing army. A branch of the military will be dedicated wholly to mustering the Army in times of crisis or war, but up until they’re mustered the military will live out of home. This also means that each major city will have some form of significant defense against immediate attacks.

I’d rather not bore you to tears all at once. Go, get yourself a drink, and await the next letter. I’m not out of ideas yet (although I’m not far from it).

Cheers and Good Health,

Dyimi Vlastokovich, Boarslayer and Loyal Servant of Ursundova


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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