Finding the Best in Good

From "Words at Dawn"

Most prayers to Sarenrae are full of joy and celebration; however, there are a few that require a more serious tone. One of which is our opening prayer of confession:

I Confess that I was created to praise, reverence, and serve the Dawnflower. It is my failing that I do not constantly reflect upon how best to serve her design and her benevolent will.

Very often, we find ourselves caught between two courses of action, neither of which is wrong. It is at these times that prayer and reflection becomes critical. At all times and in all places, the Everlight is calling us towards our best selves. We all have a tendency to leap before we look and this tendency, more than almost any other, is what leads us into difficulty and ruin. The truth is that most of us are good people who care about those closest to us and, at a minimum, do not wish our neighbors to suffer. What we are compelled to do as a result of this is to reflect, not only on what is good, but on what is best.

When we came to Varnhold, we found the people gone and spriggans squatting in what the pioneers left behind, which was everything. The Healing Light had already revealed that a profound darkness loomed over this land and we all suspected that this darkness had some hand in the doom that had befallen Varnhold. Signs and portents, both mundane and mystical, all point to an evil force that, even now, stretches out its hand over these lands.

One of the gravest errors that Sarenrae would keep us from is the belief that evil may be contained. It is the duty of every servant of the Dawnflower to oppose evil wherever it may appear. This does not always mean swords drawn and blood spilt – very often it is enough to point out evil and to decry it. As most folk are, in their hearts, good, unveiling evil is often enough to cause people to turn away from it. When it is not, however, we cannot shirk from that duty. We met a tribe of centaurs who were purposed to watch the evil that lay so seemingly close to their home. They presented themselves as fierce warriors, but I left there wondering – how do such fierce and proud people stare out towards the horizon, see a terrible darkness, and…do nothing? I have no answer for this and I am loathe to inquire in a way that may bring offense. It is no small thing to confront our own failings and confronting others is always a delicate matter.

Now we stand faced with several roads that need walking. The spriggans have a lair not far from Varnhold. There is also some monster that roams the northeast corner of these lands. Of course, the darkness still squats to our south, in a land called “The Valley of the Dead.” Where do we go now? The spriggans are dangerous, but they have largely been driven from the town. The beast in the Blood Furrows has not proven to be dangerous to anyone who does not enter its territory. The evil in the Valley is clearly the greatest peril, but it is also the one we know the least about. Where is good? Where is best? I do not know, and therefore I pray.


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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