Crescent Moon Behind Branches

Leilania Rests Before the Return to Varnhold

The moon has waned these last many days. With the month’s close her face has become dark…her rebirth approaches. The branches of the trees in Tatzlford frame her crescent like a flower petal caught in a spider’s web. I hear her song-it is a sad song in low tones. She knows what’s been lost and what is to come. She reminds me that death is part of life.

I am allowed only a single night in Tatzlford to organize the Way Watchers before I must return to Tuskendale. I find myself overjoyed to be again with my friends and neighbors, but shamed that I must conceal the events in Varnhold. Obviously, the Way Watchers will be told, but Neddar seemed insistent that we keep our silence lest we raise a panic among the citizenry. He fears that the news of Gideon and Daargan’s deaths will be a hard blow for the people. I’m sure the truth will come out when it’s needed.

I’ve spoke to Velimir and the others. The Way Watchers will go East to patrol the borders. Ulgar thinks that an attack may be imminent, and if so the innocent must be shielded. I’ve told my watchers to run rather than fight. These monsters are different than anything they’ve fought before; the best my watchers can do is to live to tell others. Our only real hope of victory is to take the fight back to Varnhold to crush the heart of the beast.

How strange it is to be thinking these thoughts. The night here in Tatzlford is comfortable and quiet. The incense smoke curls in leisurely circles. Some nights the moon takes me to war and chaos, in others to peace and tranquility. I go where I am needed..

Tomorrow I return to Tuskendale to join the others in preparation. They will trust me to lead them back into the Valley of the Dead and knock again on Vordekai’s door. I will trust the pull of the moon to lead me along this path, no matter how far into the depths it leads. Surely it was her pull that led me away when all seemed lost. I know she will not desert me now.

When the moon rises again her face will be dark. I will look for her place among the stars as she passes and sing the old songs until she returns. By the time we arrive in Varnhold she will be smiling again. There I will follow where she takes me. If she needs me to fight, then fight I will.

And then, maybe then, there will time for peace.


Dyimi is speaking to Leilania? Uh-oh… ;)

Crescent Moon Behind Branches

Oops! I guess all gnomes look alike to Leilania.

Crescent Moon Behind Branches
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